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Peräpohjola Folk High School

An independent folk high school with long traditions by the River Torne, close to the centre of Tornio. The folk high school was founded in 1901 and its administrator is the Supporters' Association of Peräpohjola Folk High School.

Students singing, and sitting by a camp fire

Degree Programmes

Youth and Leisure Instructor qualification (120 credits)
- daytime studies or apprenticeship training.
Special Instructor for Children and the Youth qualification
Students' Morning and Evening Activities Instructor qualification
- daytime studies, along with work or apprenticeship training.

Folk High School Curricula, Liberal Adult Education

Education and Guidance (40 ov) is a folk high school curriculum with two orientation options: nature exercise and manual skills. The curriculum provides the possibility for an adolescent to ponder his/her future and the prospective choice of education under guidance. In the university grade curriculum the student can acquire additional points for the future education by completing university grades in addition to the common studies of 10 study weeks and practical training according to one's own choice.

Experience pedagogy training (16 credits), university grade studies such as the basic studies in Pedagogics, Psychology and Special Pedagogics and different short-term courses; Tornionlaakso fine arts event, relaxing massage, etc.

Non-Degree Vocational Further Education and Training

Sexual counsellor training and short-term trainings in education and guidance.

Peräpohjola folk high school from the air

Joentalo Sales Services

The main building Joentalo in our peaceful courtyard has five easily adjustable meeting premises of which one is suited to host over 300 people. The whole house has a wireless network.
Our own kitchen and a light dining recess as well as excellent food from the buffet make even a short break enjoyable both for business and leisure visitors. The yard of the school also has excellent conditions to accommodate 60 people throughout the year and 140 people in the summertime.