A picture of the planned Äkäslompolo Log hotel building from outside in Ylläs, Kolari, in the winter.
Photo by: Log Hotel Äkäslompolo Oy

Log Hotel Äkäslompolo in Ylläs responds to the trend of sustainable tourism

Designed on the principles of sustainable development, the Finnish log hotel to be built on Ylläs at the center of the tourism village presents an opportunity for partners to participate in sustainable tourism operations in Lapland.

Log Hotel Äkäslompolo

  • 71 rooms
  • Á la carte restaurant
  • Craft brewery and brewery restaurant
  • Saunas and wellness center
  • Safari services
Map Ylläs, Lapland

Ylläs is a year-round destination for tourists looking for an active vacation and nature activities. Located by a national park, the tourist center consists of two villages and a diverse fell area.

The location is accessible from the perspective of international and Finnish tourists alike, as Äkäslompolo is approximately 55 km away from Kittilä Airport and only 35 km from Kolari Railway Station. There are working traffic connections to the tourist center from the airport and the railway station.

Ylläs is known for its long winter season and good snow conditions. There are a total of 330 km of ski trails, more than a hundred kilometers of winter cycling and hiking trails, and more than 60 maintained slopes in the area. Investments have been made on developing tourism in the snowless season. For example, work on developing mountain biking trails and products is bearing fruit, and Ylläs has attained popularity among mountain bikers and as a summer tourism destination in Lapland.

The development of tourism is stable in the area

According to Statistics Finland, 327,000 overnight stays were registered on Ylläs in 2019. Slightly more than half of the stays came from domestic tourism. The key markets of international tourism are the UK, Switzerland, France and Germany.

Tourism businesses were on a strong growth trajectory on Ylläs before the global coronavirus crisis struck. The pandemic had an impact on international tourism in particular, but domestic demand has supported operators in the area, and development work and investments have been continued during the pandemic.

There are currently accommodations for approximately 20,000 people in the Ylläs area, but the capacity is largely based on cabin accommodations. It has been found in the area that there is a growing demand for high-quality, large-capacity hotel accommodations in the key markets.

Sustainable log hotel for visitors looking for high-quality accommodations

Planned to be built in the center of Äkäslompolo, Log Hotel Äkäslompolo will feature three stories, and it will be built with Finnish logs and primarily Finnish materials. The hotel will feature 71 rooms, an á la carte restaurant, a brewery restaurant and the necessary rental facilities for co-operation partners providing services such as well-being and program services.

The design pays particular attention to the sense of space, high-quality solutions and ecological aspects. The rooms on the top floor will feature large skylights for marvelling at sky phenomena. The materials will be selected in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

─ Our goal is to provide our customers with the world’s best setting for taking in the mesmerizing nature in all of its forms, both indoors and outdoors, says project leader Heli Laukkanen from Log Hotel Äkäslompolo Oy.

Hotel room Äkäslompolo Log Hotel
Photo by: dSign Vertti Kivi&Co

Äkäslompolo is not only a tourism destination but a living Laplandish village as well.  Here, our guests can also be part of the life and community of Äkäslompolo village.

According to the plan, the key markets for the hotel are Central Europe and quality-conscious tourists in the Nordic countries. This means that the demand for the new hotel comes from the strong existing markets of Ylläs.

Investment and profitability calculations regarding the hotel project indicate the presence of year-round sustainable and profitable business potential for both the operator and those investing in the property.

There is already an operator for the upcoming hotel. The operator committed to the project has diverse experience with the tourism business and international trade, good knowledge of the possibilities of the area, travel agency networks, and sales channels in the Nordic countries and Central Europe.

The overall concept, the planning work and the necessary permits for building the hotel are ready. The Finnish company Honkatalot and architect Janne Kantee was selected to be the log supplier, and the interior architecture was designed by dSign Vertti Kivi & co with a lead from Samuli Hintikka, a designer of several hotels in Finland and abroad alike.

We are still seeking funders and co-operation partners for the project. The operating model and the necessary plans are ready, so construction can begin on short notice, Heli Laukkanen concludes.

Project on the map

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Log Hotel Äkäslompolo Oy
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