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The Magic Light River Hotel concept – Tourism Business Opportunities Near Rovaniemi

The village of Patokoski, near Rovaniemi, provides an interesting opportunity for businesses to develop unique, high-quality hotel accommodation, experience-based accommodation, and adventure services.

Lapland is on a positive trend in terms of tourism. The strong international brand attracts customers from around the world. In 2018, as many as 664,000 overnight stays were registered in Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi has gained growth from the international market, most notably from Asia. Demand is estimated to grow even further. Airlines have opened several direct routes for the winter season, and tourism traffic is increasing. Because of the rapid growth in recent years, the region’s accommodation capacity has become insufficient, particularly in the winter season.

Main building by the Ounasjoki River

Patokoski is located 50 kilometers from Rovaniemi’s city center, by the road from Rovaniemi to Kittilä and Levi. Thanks to Patokoski’s location, the busy Rovaniemi Airport is easily accessible. There are also several buses departing for Patokoski daily.

The developable hotel lot for sale is 1.5 hectares wide, and it is limited by the free-flowing Ounasjoki River on one side and the main road 79 from Rovaniemi to Kittilä on the other side. The main building located on the lot is 1,500 square meters. Erkki Suhanko, who is in charge of managing the property, says that the building is an old school.

“Based on the surveys, calculations, and preliminary facility plan, the building can be renovated for accommodation purposes with reasonable expenses. The building is made of stone, it’s in good condition engineering-wise, and it’s heated with wood pellets.  According to the plan, the main building could house a total of 40 beds in spacious hotel rooms, a restaurant, conference and meeting rooms, and pleasant lobby and lounge areas. On the bottom floor, customers could enjoy sauna facilities with various wellness services and recreational areas.”

The hotel lot is located by the free-flowing Ounasjoki River, the appearance of which is completely different each season. The lighting conditions of the location are also exciting, Suhanko says.

“On summer mornings and evenings, the natural light creates a magical atmosphere at the riverside, whereas in the winter, the light phenomena include the northern lights. Even the project’s name is based on these phenomena: Magic Light River Hotel.”

Suhanko hopes that an entrepreneur can be found for the location, and the property can be used for tourism use that suits the environment.

Capacity and operations can be expanded

The row houses on the lot adjacent to the main building include eight apartments that can also be used for accommodation purposes, Suhanko says.

“With these apartments, the total capacity would increase to 60 beds, or even more than 70 with extra beds in the rooms. There is also space for building new accommodation capacity on the other side of the hotel: such as cabins that make use of the beautiful riverside, or glass igloos.”

There is also a natural forest area of 36 hectares within walking distance from the hotel, with a view of the beautiful Lappish hills.  A hut or a lean-to is being planned for the forest to act as the base for adventure services.

“It would also be possible to implement high-quality glamping or tentsile accommodation in the forest area. These types of solutions would fit well into the surrounding nature, not to mention that demand for these solutions is on the increase.”

Magic Light River Hotel

  • Riverside hotel lot: 1.5 hectares
  • Main building: 1,500 square meters; sufficient for
  • 21 rooms and 40 beds, for example
    Reception area and lounge
  • Conference rooms and sauna facilities
  • Restaurant and scenic terrace
  • Asking price: €285,000
  • Additional options: row houses (8 apartments), adjacent lot, forest area of 36 hectares


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