Arctic organic ingredients innovate in Lapland
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Arctic organic ingredients innovate in Lapland

Utilisation of side streams, plants and berries.

Forest of Lapland Oy has been working with chemical-free extraction and separation technology for compounds. As its raw ingredients, the company utilises the side streams of the sawmill industry, as well as Arctic organic ingredients, plants and berries. The goal is to provide the chemical industry with renewable raw material bases and the medical industry with replacements for antibiotics. Furthermore, the cosmetics industry needs an alternative to synthetic chemicals and the food industry requires natural methods to prolong shelf life.

The amount of light and heat at the Cap of the North in summer cause plants to grow and go through photosynthesis at night too. The plants develop plenty of antioxidants, because they could not survive without them. The different parts of a tree have various amounts of different compounds. The northern evergreens can live up to thousand years, meaning that they are resistant to mould and various bacteria. In addition to the antioxidants, trees and plants of the north contain many other protective substances more than vegetation in other areas.

The extraction process

The extracts have different consistencies, depending on their desired qualities. Evergreens contain hundreds of different compounds. Forest of Lapland obtains extracts from several woody plants and their different parts using a fully natural process.

The desired ingredient is extracted under a certain pressure and at a specific temperature during a certain time. Some of the compounds can be left in the wood by adjusting the extraction conditions. After extraction, unwanted compounds can be separated from the extract using several different methods. At the same time, the dissolving of antioxidants is slowed down and avoided. Some of the compounds are allergens, a few even carcinogenic. The amount of these is reduced. Finally, the separated extract is concentrated, which means that water will be removed from it.

Forest of Lapland does not screen molecules from the extract, as the company’s product development is based on the combined effect of various compounds. Some good results have been achieved with regard to the effectiveness of the products.

Research cooperation

Forest of Lapland carries out research cooperation with the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), the University of Tampere’s Department of Pharmacology and Lappeenranta University of Technology. For the most part, the products are at the testing or prototype stages.

The clean nature of Lapland and its natural force are significant to its image. Of the total organic surface area of the world, Lapland comprises 28 per cent, which equals around nine million hectares. Forest of Lapland procures its raw materials from a certified organic area.

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