Moskito Television is a key provider of high-end drama, entertainment, reality, factual entertainment and sports for Finland’s major broadcasters. The majority of Moskito’s productions are developed in-house, but they also produce international formats such as Kitchen Nightmares, Survivor and Dancing on Ice. 


Moskito Television is an ideal partner as a local production company in Finland for providing turnkey production services especially for high-end drama and competition reality. They provide pragmatic and comprehensive planning and local coordinating, as well as the best people of the industry to meet your production requirements. 


Over the years Moskito Television has created and maintained connections with local contractors in order to negotiate the best prices for technical equipment, accommodation and transport, as well as catering and more. Moskito takes pride in their high-quality productions services. 


Moskito Television is based in Helsinki, and they operate across Finland and Scandinavia. 



  • Production services
  • Local production coordinating
  • Negotiate best prices with suppliers
  • Contacts to best people of the industry 

On the set of Samassa Liemessä, a reality cooking show

On location in the Philipines for Survivor

A Moskito Television original production, Hooked




A Moskito Television original production, Black Widows




On the custom-built set of Dancing on Ice

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