Photo by Tuomo Manninen

Director Hiltunen: ”People from Lapland people are nice, friendly and hospitable”


”The people, nature, and the atmosphere.” film director Jussi Hiltunen answers when asked to list three reasons why a production should film in Lapland Finland. Hiltunen is a local, he spent his childhood in Lapland, and now lives and works in his home region. ”People from Lapland people are really nice, friendly and hospitable”, he says.


The midnight sun is something extraordinary, and Hiltunen thinks that the phenomenon has something to offer for productions.


”When it comes to filmmaking there is something mystical about it. You can make day scenes in the middle of the night but the light is still different compared to daytime, it’s also one thing which is unique here.” Hiltunen remarks.


His debut feature, Law of the Land will premiere in spring 2017.

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