Arctic wilderness and unique light conditions

With unending winter snowscapes and wild green forests, Lapland offers a wide variety of natural beauty for your production. And it’s not just the landscape. Polar Night , long bright winter days and the Midnight Sun create movie magic possibilities found nowhere else on Earth!

The War – Bollywood Blockbuster in Lapland
Yash Raj Films chose Lapland to film an exciting car chase across ice for their Bollywood blockbuster action film War.
5 Common Misconceptions About Filming in Lapland
Answers straight from Finnish to clear up some common misconceptions and notions about winter, polar bears & more.
Filming A Reindeer's Journey
“Filming in Lapland here has made me realize that we still have wild locations in the world.” – Director Guillaume Maidatchevsky
3 Essential Ways to Survive the Cold (When Filming in the Arctic)
Check out these great tips from local pros how to keep you and your gear safe and secure when the temperature drops.
Location Scout Lori Balton Discovers Magic Hours of Lapland
”The light, landscapes and unbroken silence make Lapland definitely stand out of the crowd as a filming location."
Filming on Lapland's Frozen Waterways
Our rivers, lakes, marshes and even the sea freeze every year, creating perfect frosty film locations for your production.
Film Lapland Fam Trip Showcases Some of Lapland's Best Features
“A big production could easily work in Lapland. You have a great capacity for making things happen.” – Location manager Dow Griffith
Lapland is wild. Magical. Beautiful. Don't take our word for it. Here are film professionals on Lapland's unique qualities.
Blood & Snow: Filming Arctic Circle in Northern Finland
Learn more about this crime thriller series set and filmed in northern Finland with interviews of its creators & crew.
How to Film Reindeer in Lapland
Looking for more information on where, when and how to put reindeer in front of your camera?
Soothing saunas, ubiquitous reindeer & blazing Autumn Colors - Fall 2019 Fam Tour
Orly Ravid, Effie T. Brown and Roberta Marie Munroe visited Finnish Lapland during their autumn 2019 fam trip to Finland.
Summer in Lapland - Arctic light 24/7 & lush green shades
Summers in northern Finland are characterized by endless days under the Midnight Sun and a flurry of green life.
Chinese Superstars, Finnish Auteur & Arctic Fells: Master Cheng Comes to Lapland
The script called for a retro-looking building set in a small village. Director Kaurismäki’s first choice was Lapland.
Lapland - Like Nowhere Else on Earth
When your production needs certain locations, it's easier to hop a short flight to Lapland than to Siberia or Antarctica.
Light Up Your Life with Aurora Borealis!
The aurora viewing season in the north lasts from September through April, and Lapland is the best place on Earth to see them.