Riisitunturi fell in Posio, on the set of Ailo's Journey | arctic film
Photo by: Marko Junttila | MRP Matila Röhr Productions

Arctic wilderness and unique light conditions

With unending winter snowscapes and wild green forests, Lapland offers a wide variety of natural beauty for your production. And it’s not just the landscape. Polar Night , long bright winter days and the Midnight Sun create movie magic possibilities found nowhere else on Earth!

Filming Ailo's Journey in Lapland
Written and directed by Guillaume Maidatchevsky, the film follows the first migration of a newborn reindeer across Lapland.
3 Essential Ways to Survive the Cold (When Filming in the Arctic)
Check out these great tips from local pros how to keep you and your gear safe and secure when the temperature drops.
Location Scout Lori Balton Discovers Magic Hours of Lapland
”The light, landscapes and unbroken silence make Lapland definitely stand out of the crowd as a filming location."
Film Lapland Fam Trip Showcases Some of Lapland's Best Features
Film Lapland's fam trip brought together location managers and film & TV producers to experience the Lapland for themselves.
Movie Cameras Keep Rolling in Lapland’s Polar Night
Polar night offers blue dawns, pink, orange and purple twilights: Arctic seasons might just be the most colorful on Earth.
Lapland’s Arctic Conditions Perfect for Commercial Shoot
The biggest-ever commercial shoot in Lapland was the latest proof of our film-making efficiency, flexibility and competence.
Production & Location References
Lapland is wild. Magical. Beautiful. Don't take our word for it. Here are film professionals on Lapland's unique qualities.
Chinese Superstars, Finnish Auteur & Arctic Fells: Master Cheng Comes to Lapland
Mika Kaurismäki brings beloved Finnish actors and top-notch Chinese stars together for this Finnish-Chinese co-produced feature film.
Lapland - Like Nowhere Else on Earth
When your production needs certain locations, it's easier to hop a short flight to Lapland than to Siberia or Antarctica.
Gordon Buchanan in Lapland - the Wildest Part of Europe
This wildlife filmmaker traveled to Lapland to shoot a show about the Sámi people and their special bond with reindeer. 
Light Up Your Life with Aurora Borealis!
The aurora viewing season in the north lasts from September through April, and Lapland is the best place on Earth to see them.