rolling hills of Lapland
Photo by: Tatu Kantomaa
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David Farr on Timeless Landscapes of Lapland

British writer-director David Farr has been filming in Lapland. He sees a lot of potential in the midnight sun and the pristine wilderness of Finnish Lapland. “I think you’ve got for hours and hours of an amazing light that looks extraordinary on film, it’s not quite the magic hour, but just before it in a way.” Farr worked as a scriptwriter for Hanna, an action thriller that was partially shot in Finland. For the filming of Hanna, Finnish Lapland provided locations that had the needed fairy-tale quality, but in real surroundings.

Timelessness is another quality that Farr thinks productions filming in Lapland could benefit from. He points out that the wilderness locations maintain the look from centuries ago.

“You could be in any era, there’s very little construction, and the houses are quite timeless in some way, not in the town but certainly as soon as you go outside it. It’s just the place you need to find, where you can suddenly be five hundred, even two thousand years ago,” Farr says.

Farr was impressed with the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä and Finnish Lapland as a whole. He praised the relaxed atmosphere and the genuine love of cinema.

”I think all film festivals that are good have a certain quality about them, but this one has it more than anywhere else, where you’re just with the audience. People just come up to you to have a little chat about your film or another film.” Farr says.

Farr was visiting Finnish Lapland at the festival in 2016, where The Ones Below, a psychological thriller written and directed by him and starring Finnish actress Laura Birn was screened.