Rivers, Lakes & Whitewaters

Whitewater river in Enontekiö, Finland
Ice floating on Lake Tsahkaljärvi in Enontekiö, Finland
Stones in a river in Finland
Deep blue waters of Lake Pakasaivo in Kolari, Finland
Duckboards through a lake in Ylläs, Kolari, Finland
River through a forest in Ylläs, Kolari, Finland
Dock atop a frozen lake in Pelkosenniemi, Finland
Pond under a blue sky in Lapland, Finland
Frozen river in Rovaniemi, Finland
Frozen Lake Olkkajärvi in Rovaniemi, Finland
Aerial view of Ounasjoki in Rovaniemi, Finland
Frosty waters of Lake Rovajärvi in Rovanieemi, Finland
Reflected clouds and forest in Lapland lake in Rovaniemi, Finland
Hanging bridge over frosty river in Rovaniemi, Finland
Rocky river in Sodankylä, Finland
Scandinavian river in canyon in Kevo Strict Nature Reserve in Utsjoki, Finland
Aerial view of river and forest in Lapland, Finland

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