Summer & Midnight Sun

Sunset over Lake Inari in Finland
Reindeer enjoying the Midnight Sun in Inari Lapland
Green fields in summer in Ylläs, Kolari, Finland
Midnight Sun over a Lapland lake
Rainbow reflected in an Arctic lake in Finland
summer sunset behind Arktikum museum in Rovaniemi, Finland
green hills in summer in Rovaniemi, Finland
Midnight Sun over the horizon in Rovaniemi, Finland
Summer sunset over river in Rovaniemi Finland
Midnight Sun over Rovaniemi forest in Finland
Summer sun behind an underpass in Rovaniemi, Finland
Sunlight filtering through birch trees in Sodankylä, Finland
Sunset over a shimmering lake in Sodankylä, Finland
Midnight Sun over a misty lake in Sodankylä, Finland
Summer sunlight and green forest in Sodankylä, Finland
Midnight Sun over bog in Lapland
A pair of empty rowboats and the summer sun low behind distant trees
Silence in the midnight sun on the beach in Ivalo Lapland.

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