Fell Cluster


The municipality of Inari is home to a cluster of fells that are especially suitable for audiovisual productions thanks to their easy accessibility. On a relatively small area of land, you can find four fells – Kaunispää, Urupää, Palopää and Kuusipää – as well as the Finnish national road 4, all the way from the capital Helsinki in Southern Finland. The fell cluster offers foresty landscapes, as well as areas with a more tundra-like look to them. It is also a great place to capture a wilderness road – the view of the national road is quite impressive, and the old, unpaved Magneettimäki has been declared a built cultural heritage site of national significance by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

Kaunispää is the fell with the easiest access. A road leads all the way up to its top, where you can also find a café and a cozy souvenir shop. Thanks to their close location to the national road, the other fells are also easy to conquer, while offering a bit more peace and wilder landscapes.