Capturing Lapland's Magic with All About Lapland

All About Lapland is a video production company and advertising agency that specializes in capturing the beauty of Lapland.


All About Lapland was born out of passion for Lapland’s beauty in 2013. The head of the company, Alexander Kuznetsov, practiced photography and videography as a hobby for many years, and these interests led to a career as an entrepreneur and content creator.

Nowadays, All About Lapland is a video production company and advertisement agency that specializes in content about Lapland’s nature, ever-changing seasons and various industries. All About Lapland is also a publishing house for the area’s largest and arguably best travel magazine. At the moment, the company employs three people, and its clients are some of Lapland’s top companies involved in tourism, manufacturing and services.

The quality material that Alexander and his team regularly produce helps grow their social media following. Their channels have tens of thousands of subscribers from around the world.

— Our mission, of course, is to provide our clients with great material and top service, but not just that. We want to tell the world about the beauty of Finnish Lapland and its amazing light phenomena, and promote our region and our clients through our channels, says Alexander Kuznetsov.


Speaking of the light phenomena, there are plenty of them in every season in Lapland. In summer, the midnight sun and the vibrant Arctic light keep Alexander awake at night. In winter, the nights are lit with the aurora borealis. Chasing the beautiful northern lights became a real obsession for him. Nowadays, Alexander spends dozens of nights per year capturing this amazing natural phenomenon.

Unexpectedly, the northern lights became one of the company’s top success stories.

— One morning after a huge aurora show, I got a call from Reuters. I’d barely had any sleep and had to ask again who the call was from, as I would not believe it! They’d seen my recent northern lights videos and wanted to show them to the world, says Alexander.

Soon, he received messages from many other top news channels who were eager to feature the northern lights in their streams and on their websites. Since 2016, Alexander’s northern lights videos and photos have been seen by tens of millions of viewers around the globe.

— This is the kind of publicity that can’t be bought with money, or provided even by a carefully planned, top-level marketing campaign. I am truly happy that Lapland with its amazing phenomena keeps appearing on the screens of millions of viewers, Alexander comments.

The northern lights are also in high demand for many local companies. All About Lapland’s expertise in this area helps them capture the phenomenon for their projects.

One of the areas where All About Lapland’s services became requested is guiding, location scouting and production services for international production companies and news channels. They come to Lapland for stories about the local people and attractions, and to make use of its natural beauty. Alexander is eager to take them to his favourite locations and help them arrange and shoot the stories and interviews.

— There are some tv crews with whom we’ve created a real bond. Year after year, they keep coming back to Lapland for more; they know that they can capture some unique material here, says Alexander.


All About Lapland’s recent project with the Lapland Military Band took the team deep into the winter forests of Lapland and out to the remote wilderness. The cameras recorded a meeting with Santa Claus, a colourful aurora show in the night skies, and the band’s performances in the beautiful rugged terrain of the Kilpisjärvi region in Enontekiö.

— Kilpisjärvi is truly amazing landscape-wise, but it is also very demanding for video production. Some of the area’s most cinematic spots can only be accessed by foot. You need to have some hiking and survival skills, and pack only the most essential gear that will get your job done, Alexander says.

The unpredictable weather of the Arctic also brought on some unexpected surprises, such as a snowfall right in the middle of the summer.

—We kept on shooting despite the extreme weather, and got some unique material. At some point, a huge blanket of fog rose from the Arctic Ocean, and we got some amazing moody shots of the band members surrounded by it. That was not in the script; this was something that is quite impossible to predict or envision. This is true Lapland magic! says Alexander.

With the brand new decade underway, the All About Lapland team is looking forward to new creative challenges.


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