aerial view of snowy road through forest

Scancar Knows Snowy Roads - Rental Cars in Lapland

A functional car is a must when entering Finnish Lapland where distances are long and conditions sometimes difficult. When it comes to logistics and finding rental cars in Lapland, Scancar is the trustworthy partner.

Lapland drives can mean icy roads, snow and semi-wild reindeer that force drivers into vigilance. However, with an appropriate vehicle, driving is not a big deal even during the winter months.

Car rental company Scancar knows Lapland roads inside and out. They can provide production companies suitable equipment for every condition and occasion. They know which vehicle suits best for more remote locations and how much time one has to allow in order to keep up the schedules.

— We have everything from small city cars to minivans and four-wheel drives. The equipment is modern and suitable for arctic conditions. All cars have studded tires and effective heating systems. Traction control helps out in the icy bends, Eljas Lohi from Scancar says.

Local knowledge helps

Often foreign production companies require a local driver. Lohi thinks it’s a good idea and is willing to help in finding one.

— More than merely offering rental cars in Lapland, we consider ourselves a full service company. We understand productions have tight schedules, everything has to run smoothly. If we can help with that, we are happy to do so. Production companies have also appreciated our large and warm storage halls, where they can stock their gear and equipment over night.

Sometimes winter conditions catch us off guard. Cars get stuck in the snow or engines freeze in the cold. At Scancar, production companies can count on fast and flexible services. If you need backup equipment, it will be provided as soon as possible.

— We have a 24/7 service, that can sometimes come handy.

In general, the roads of Finnish Lapland are in excellent condition. In winter, snowplows work night and day to keep even the most remote locations accessible.

— Driving in Lapland is naturally different from driving in big cities. However, our clients are often happily surprised of how easy getting around can be. You fly for example to Ivalo airport, and there are well equipped cars and vans waiting for you. In just fifteen minutes, you are in the middle of the wilderness with your crew, Eljas says.

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