Kota Collective, filming on location in Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Kota Collective

Kota Collective - Back Slopes & Big Stories

The best stories are born around the campfire.”

Perhaps this best sums up the core idea behind Kota Collective. This Lapland house of stories and production services provider emerged from the collective experiences of five friends and creatives with a shared passion for the outdoors, beautiful visuals and storytelling.

The friends all worked separately as private entrepreneurs before deciding to combine their knowledge and resources as photographers, videographers, graphic and web designers under the name Kota Collective. A kota is a traditional Sámi hut found throughout the Arctic regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The name came naturally to the friends as they recognized the power of the kota campfire to spark ideas for great stories.

Over the years, Kota Collective has worked on various commercial, television and web projects. They have created advertisement films for a multitude of tourism-related companies, locations and festivals. They’ve also worked on small documentaries centered around snowboarding and commercial outdoor activities.

In 2017, thought, they filmed their largest production yet: feature-length documentary Arctic Lights, which follows professional snowboarder Antti Autti as he tries to balance his obsession for the snowy slopes with domestic life. Arctic Lights aired on Finnish national television and internationally on various web platforms.

As the five members of the Collective have a long history of both the business and riding aspects of snowboarding, they are naturally drawn to projects which take them to the slopes throughout Lapland. However, according to producer Miikka Hast, finding funding for the projects that take them into the frozen wilderness is not always so easy.

— Finance is always a challenge these days. Doing productions in nature with its varying conditions, especially in the mountains, is demanding. Finding finance for high quality outdoor productions, that really matches the effort that needs to be put in, is not easy. But that’s our specialty, and we enjoy the challenge.

Kota Collective uses its Arctic knowledge and expertise to work in nature in an agile and cost-effective way. They are currently working primarily on commercial productions, with more productions in the planning and financing stages.

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