Snowmobiling in Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Photo by: Tundrea

Kilpisjärvi in Your Lens – Tundrea at Your Service 

You think Lapland, and you think endless white snow. And Enontekiö certainly has snow, with winter lasting almost 200 days a year. Luckily for intrepid film crews, there are plenty of skilled guides to help keep the snow out of your boots and on film where it belongs. 

For the past decade, Tundrea Resort in Kilpisjärvi, about as far northwest as you can go in Finnish Lapland, has served travelers, tourists and crews filming in the area. The landscape offers variety and extremes that transcend physical location, taking viewers to the Alps, Siberia, Hokkaido, the lowlands of the Rocky Mountains. In Enontekiö, movie magic is just a matter of course. 

“Tundrea has provided services for an Audi commercial, a beer commercial, several productions actually. Also, there’s a lot of location scouting here. Location scouts have been here quite a few times,”says Sauli Vanhapiha, one of the brother duo that run the resort. 

Locations, locations, locations

In addition to the variety of landscapes and environments, Enontekiö offers photogenic and cinematic situations unique to Lapland, like the Northern Lights dancing over Saana fell in the heart of winter, Lake Kilpisjärvi with the majestic snow-capped Norwegian mountains rising in the background, or rainbows forming around Kitsiputous Falls during the spring melt. 

“There is a place here called Temppelikuru, or Temple Gorge. It’s a pretty nice destination. It’s across the lake, and you follow the gorge as it grows grander, and there’s a lake at the end. There’s an artist here working for us, and he brought his painter friend from Switzerland there, and he kept saying that they were ‘going to church.’ His friend was utterly confused until they reached the end of the gorge. ‘I understand what you mean now. This is such a beautifully created place.”

The guides at Tundrea know the best routes across the snowfall and up the fells. 

“Hiking Saana fell is not difficult. It just takes some time. It’s not a steep climb. Using the right path, you can reach the top just by walking. No climbing gear or anything is necessary. A nice surprise for anyone who hikes up there in the summer is the small pond on top. They don’t usually expect that. And the landscape, of course.” Sauli says.

That’s a wrap!

Crews filming in Kilpisjärvi can vary in size from a single person armed with a hundred devices, or a hundred specialists, and no matter how large the crew, Tundra can accommodate.

“We have about 128 beds in total. Tundrea can accommodate a pretty large group if they let us know in advance, and depending on how many people need their own rooms. We have eight big apartments, two penthouse apartments, and about 200 meters away, there’s  two apartments.  One semi-detached apartment about 1 kilometer north. Also, we have 7 chalets, five eight-person chalets, the eight-person cabin named after my mother, one smaller two-person cabin named after our father. Plus there’s a lakeside sauna with a fireplace, laundry rooms, showers, a co-ed sauna (with a privacy curtain) for about 12 people, an outside terrace with a jacuzzi. The lake is right there for swimming, straight out of the sauna. Even now, in mid-December, we’re keeping the ice open so people to dip in. It’s pretty popular among Brazilians at the moment. They like to go to the sauna, and then watch the Northern Lights overhead from the jacuzzi.”

For more details about the resort or filming in Enontekiö, check out Tundrea.