Outside the Bear's Den in Lapland
Photo by: Lapland Hotels

Planning on Filming in Lapland? Production Services and Accommodation at Your Service

Accommodations ranging from urban cityscapes to isolated cabins in the wilderness and every service in between – food, sheets, transport, ground services – can be catered by one local company. Lapland Safaris’ production services complemented with Lapland Hotels accommodation is an all-inclusive package for productions.

Lapland Hotels, the leading hotel chain in Finnish Lapland, can accommodate in its 18 hotels visitors from the southern end of Finland to the northernmost corner; the company has hotels from Helsinki to Kilpisjärvi.

Most of the company’s hotels are located in Lapland, giving great flexibility for to productions to shoot and be accommodated all around the area.

Lapland Safaris is the company that heads up the hotels’ supply with a wide array of production services.

These two companies have tied their businesses together; Lapland Hotels takes care of lodging and Lapland Safaris offers staff, equipment and transport services for productions.

— We have specialized in Lapland know-how’s. Most of our guides are local and know their areas by heart. We have a huge local database that is useful, for example, when scouting locations, says Mikael Rissanen, sales manager of Lapland Safaris.

One of the services the safari company offers is transportation services.

Although Lapland is a wide area with many roads, during winter season and when many of the film productions arrive, the smaller roads can be blocked by snow making a snowmobile the perfect vehicle for hard-to-reach locations. The company boasts a selection of more than 500 snowmobiles and, for more conventional transport, cars, minibuses, trucks and trailers are available.

A helicopter is sometimes the right vehicle which can be organized, too. It’s complemented by many engineless vehicles, remote venues and private restaurants. For glacial environments, the company also offers warm gear that can bear even the most extreme conditions.

If a production crew is working in the wilderness, which is often the case, and cannot reach the hotel’s restaurant for lunch, Lapland Safaris offers catering services outdoors.

During the high season in winter, the safari company has more than 500 guides working throughout Lapland.

Sounds extensive, doesn’t it?

There is one thing, however, that the companies cannot govern: Arctic weather and seasons. Despite Finland’s location at the north-end of continental Europe, we still have summer and winter seasons.

— In most people’s minds Lapland is solely a winter destination. Sometimes I’ve got requests from film productions to come here in June and film in an ice hotel. We’ve had to tell them that, unfortunately that’s not possible, because it’s summertime, Rissanen says.

Because seasons don’t obey tight schedules, Lapland Safaris has included a variety of items to its production services; if, for example, winter arrives later to Lapland than the production teams, the company can make snow.

— But making snow requires the temperature to drop below minus 10 degrees Celsius. Making snow is expensive, but it has become a necessity for the start of our winter season along years, as you never know the conditions beforehand, Rissanen adds.