A helicopter film crew from Kota Collective in Lapland wilderness
Photo by: Kota Collective

Kota Collective - production services

Named after the traditional Lapland hut, Kota Collective houses storytellers and video content producers. Kota Collective is a full-house advertising agency and video production team, which offers a multitude of services for production in Lapland, including videography, photography, aerial shooting, storytelling, location scouting, production and consulting services, and video editing. They also work in graphic, concept and web design.

Kota Collective is based in Rovaniemi, but they can and do send their staff and crew all over Lapland and northern Finland. Their specialty is agile and quality outdoor video- and photography, and their team has detailed knowledge and experience with Lapland locations and conditions.

Sun rising over the fell and creating magical atmorphere
Photo by: Kota Collective
A snowy hill
Photo by: Kota Collective
Red sun reflecting in an Arctic lake
Photo by: Kota Collective
A canoe glides along a dark river in Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Kota Collective
Logo for Kota Collective, specializing in advertisement video production in the Arctic wilderness
  • videography & photography
  • aerial shooting
  • location scouting
  • production & consulting services
  • video editing