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Winter in Lapland – Prepared for Extreme Conditions 

Uniquely brilliant light and wide skies--nowhere else on Earth combines the scenery and extreme conditions of winter with such an efficient support network.

Filming Lapland Wilderness - Rental Equipment for Extreme Conditions

Filming Lapland wilderness can involve extreme cold, snow, ice, and darkness, but Angel Films has over 25 years of experience with filming Lapland winters.

Kilpisjärvi in Your Lens – Tundrea at Your Service 

For the past decade, Tundrea Resort in Kilpisjärvi in Finnish Lapland, has served travelers, tourists and crews filming in the area.

Scandia Rent Knows Snowy Roads - Rental Cars in Lapland

When it comes to logistics for your film production and finding rental cars in Lapland, Scandia Rent is the trustworthy partner.

Movie Cameras Keep Rolling in Lapland’s Polar Night

Polar Night, more accurately described as Polar twilight is a time of intense colors in the sky; blue dusk and dawn, pink, orange and purple twilights.

Reindeer in the Spotlight - Filming Lapland Reindeer

Miia Merkku knows the challenges in filming Lapland reindeer, and her company Arctic Reindeer is ready to meet those challenges head-on.

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