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Arctic Expertise Setting Trends in Intelligent Transport System

Arctic testing ecosystem for intelligent transport systems situated in Finnish Lapland offers a platform for testing weather-proof technological solutions.

Efficient Logistics: A Key to Lapland's Competitiveness

Lapland, the northernmost region in Finland, is among the most sparsely populated areas in Europe. This is a permanent logistical challenge for businesses in the north and makes efficient connections to global markets a prerequisite for the 10,400 companies operating in Lapland.

Winter Testing, and Testing in Extreme Conditions

Winter testing has been one of the pillars of business in Lapland for decades due to the excellent weather conditions for testing in extreme conditions.

Lapland has a Circular Economy Cluster

An industrial circular economy is vital for Lapland. The objective is to minimize the waste of materials by utilizing them in other industries.

China’s Interest in Arctic Resources and Skills

China is everywhere. Chinese tourists travel to every part of the world, Chinese companies are all over the globe and there are significant Chinese investments in various kinds of international businesses.

Lapland has Huge Potential for Sustainable Business

American corporate social responsibility expert and sustainable business consultant Susan McPherson visited Finnish Lapland and was impressed. Here, sustainable development is seen as something that goes without saying.

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