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Port of Kemi Gears up for Forestry Boom

The Port of Kemi in the Bothnian Bay is now in the process of metamorphosis with a view to cope with the growth foreseen in the forest industry the Finnish Lapland.

Icebreaker Power Guarantees Access to Lapland Ports

Lapland’s own ports of Kemi and Tornio are guaranteed significant ice cover every winter, persisting for around four months.

Herbs from Lapland in a Can and Going Around the World

Arctic Warriors brings the effectiveness and power of the herbs of Lapland available to everyone.

A Very Opportune Moment to Invest in the Arctic

Mr. Tero Vauraste, CEO of the icebreaker operator Arctia Ltd talks about what Lapland has to offer investors as well as how to invest in the Arctic.

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