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Tourism Boom Boosts Real Estate in Lapland

Lapland's recent tourism boom has left a number of positive impacts on its economy as reflected in the increased investments in real estate in Lapland.

Nature, Ideas and Skills Fueling Lapland’s Tourism Growth

Rich natural endowments, creative madness, the Arctic magic and successful pairing of brisk ideas with expertise are reasons for Lapland’s tourism growth.

Large-scale Industries Fueling Lapland's Economic Growth

In 2016 Lapland's exports was 3,6 billion.This was 7% of the total value of Finnish exports. Growing economy of Lapland is fueled by large-scale industries.

Bioeconomy in Lapland Fosters New, Cross-sector Businesses

New raw materials and the utilization of industrial effluents will open new business opportunities for Lapland in the near future.

Efficient Logistics: A Key to Lapland's Competitiveness

Lapland, the northernmost region in Finland, is among the most sparsely populated areas in Europe. This is a permanent logistical challenge for businesses in the north and makes efficient connections to global markets a prerequisite for the 10,400 companies operating in Lapland.

Winter Testing, and Testing in Extreme Conditions

Winter testing has been one of the pillars of business in Lapland for decades due to the excellent weather conditions for testing in extreme conditions.

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