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Efficient Logistics: A Key to Lapland's Competitiveness

Lapland, the northernmost region in Finland, is among the most sparsely populated areas in Europe. This is a permanent logistical challenge for businesses in the north and makes efficient connections to global markets a prerequisite for the 10,400 companies operating in Lapland.

Winter testing and testing in extreme conditions: A growing business in Lapland

Winter testing has been one of the pillars of business in Lapland for decades due to the excellent weather conditions for testing in extreme conditions.

Lapland has a circular economy cluster

An industrial circular economy is vital for Lapland. The objective is to minimize the waste of materials by utilizing them in other industries.

Know-how from Lapland

Potma from Pello manufactures honeycomb structures which are perfectly suitable for mobile elements with weight restrictions.

Arctic natural cosmetics made of northern plants

Antti Kuivalainen says that environmental research led to the creation of Davvi, an Arctic natural cosmetics line based on plants and herbs from Lapland.

Tornion Panimo continues the story of Lappish beer

From the beginning, it was important to Kostiander that the beer tradition of Tornion Panimo would continue in the historic setting.

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