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Tornion Panimo continues the story of Lappish beer

From the beginning, it was important to Kostiander that the beer tradition of Tornion Panimo would continue in the historic setting.

China’s interest in Arctic resources and skills

China is everywhere. Chinese tourists travel to every part of the world, Chinese companies are all over the globe and there are significant Chinese investments in various kinds of international businesses.


American corporate social responsibility expert and sustainable business consultant Susan McPherson visited Finnish Lapland and was impressed. Here, sustainable development is seen as something that goes without saying.

LNG paves the Way for Biogas

Environmentally friendly energy will be available for the use of industry in Lapland in 2018. Manga LNG Oy builds a liquefied natural gas terminal in Tornio.

Icebreaker power guarantees access to Lapland ports

Lapland’s own ports of Kemi and Tornio are guaranteed significant ice cover every winter, persisting for around four months.

A Very Opportune Moment to Invest in the Arctic

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