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Lapland - Like Nowhere Else on Earth

Most films feature stand-in locations. When you need certain locations, it's easier to hop a short flight to Lapland than to Siberia or Antarctica.

Wilderness Hotel Nellim - Sámi Culture and Hidden Wilderness Huts

Wilderness Hotel Nellim resorts can accommodate up to 600 people in their four authentic styled hotels, just a half an hour ride from the airport of Ivalo.

The Last Ones - Northern Crime Drama Filmed in Lapland

Veiko Õunpuu filmed his new feature, Estonian-Finnish co-production The Last Ones in Finnish Lapland. Filming of the western flavored crime drama lasted two months, most of in a mining village staged to an old mine.

Location Scout Lori Balton Discovering the Extended Magic Hour of Lapland

”The light, landscapes and unbroken silence make Lapland definitely stand out of the crowd as a filming location,” states Lori Balton.

Elves’ Hideaway – Perfect Arctic Summer Location

Elves' hideaway offers many advantages from a productions' point-of-view, and an excellent ready made Elfish Christmas fantasy setting.

Chalets and Activities in Kilpisjärvi

Tundrea is a family-operated full-service holiday center located on the shores of a crystal-clear lake Kilpisjärvi at the bottom of the mighty Saana fell

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