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Photographer of the Month: March 2018

Jani Kärppä has been shooting action-packed photos and epic Arctic landscapes for over two decades. He gives us some sage advice and a few of his fave pics.

The Inside Scoop, from a Photojournalist in Lapland

Photographer of the Month: January 2018

Hisayoshi Kadowaki: Quest for the Northern Lights

Photographer of the Month: December 2017

Juho Uutela: From the steep mountains of Himalaya to Lapland wilderness

Aurora hunter's checklist: capturing the Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights in person is a dream shared by many. The chance of capturing them on your camera makes the hunt even more exciting!

Photographer of the Month: November 2017

Tiina Törmänen: A life-long journey

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