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How to deal with the mosquitoes in Lapland

8 facts about Arctic dating and mating

The colder climate the hotter the loving. Animals as well as people want to make the most out of the beautiful yet short Arctic summer, it's time for Arctic dating and mating!

8 hottest saunas in Lapland

Visit to Lapland is not complete without a sauna. We listed the best local tips to experience the most interesting saunas in Lapland.

Must-See summer events in Lapland

There’s a lot to see and do in Lapland also during the summer months. Check out tips for the best summer events in Lapland!

Magical Summer

During the summer, nature speeds up. The buds burst forth, blossom and then explode into a million vibrant colours. That’s how you’ll feel too!

All the Wonders of Lapland are Nearby

Visit unique nature destinations in Lapland

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