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8 hottest saunas in Lapland

Visit to Lapland is not complete without a sauna. We listed the most interesting sauna experiences from a traditional smoke sauna to a tent sauna and a luxury sauna experience. Whichever you choose, enjoy the heat!

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Smoke sauna

The smoke sauna at fell center Kiilopää is a heaven after a day outdoors. The gentle heat relaxes the muscles and mind. A refreshing dip into the fell brook running next to the sauna is a must. The sauna is open for public and is heated three times a week.

Public sauna

Kesärafla Sauna in Rovaniemi is the place to be if you wish to meet local people. The log-built sauna seats 35 persons but is seldom full. The wood-heated stove gives gentle and enjoyable heat even for the inexperienced sauna visitor. The sauna experience is not complete without a dip in to the Kemijoki river.  After the sauna, relive your hunger and thirst at the riverside terrace.

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Sauna gondola

Sauna on a ski lift? Sounds crazy, but is true. The one and only sauna gondola in the world in Ylläs takes up to 4 people on a 20 minute bathing tour with views as far as you eye can reach. After the gondola bathe you can continue your sauna experience on the sauna facilities on the top of fell Ylläs.

Sauna on the river

Sauna raft m/s Erkin Arkki takes you on the scenic rivers of Kemijoki and Ounasjoki, which meet at the heart of Rovaniemi. You can bathe in the wood-heated sauna while the raft sails on the river. When you feel like swimming, the skipper will stop and the river is all yours for a cooling swim under the midnight sun.

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Sauna in the wilderness

If hiking is your thing, you will find a lovely sauna at the heart of UKK national park. In conjunction to the Luirojärvi open hut, nicknamed as Luirojärvi Hilton, there is a wood-heated sauna where hikers take turns for a replenishing bathe. Dip into the Luirojärvi lake gives a nice contrast to the heat and an extra boost to tired legs.

Arctic Forest Spa

Just a short drive away from Rovaniemi center awaits a sauna experience with style. Metsäkyly Arctic Forest Spa has various saunas and a stylish lounge for an after sauna relaxation. From the jacuzzi on the porch you can admire the midnight sun or the stars on the darkening late summer sky.

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Sauna on the sea

Bothnian Bay National Park in the out archipelago of towns Kemi and Tornio hides a secret gem. The rental cabin on Vähä-Huituri island has a sauna available for those who rent the cabin. On Selkäsarvi island there is a public sauna. The islands can be reached either by boat or kayak. Remember to bring your own drinking water and foodstuff.

Sauna in a tent

 If you thought that a tent is just for camping, you should try a tent sauna. The portable sauna tent seating 3-5 persons can be assembled by a lake or river, for example. Remember to keep in mind the every man’s right and fire safety.

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