Identifying local and cross-border stories in the Arctic
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Identifying local and cross-border stories in the Arctic

Our stories – Arctic Heritage

Arctic culture and history is strongly represented along the Northern Lights Route combining Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian borders. The bordering countries share growing consciousness of common roots. Thus, to promote Arctic identity is important. At the moment, there is a (tourism)route, but more activity is needed along the route. Region specific languages and cultures are essential part of stories, particularly Sami culture, as well as Meänkieli and Kven-language.

The Our Stories -project’s main objective is to advance storytelling in the region by identifying inspiring local and cross-border stories. Through stories, the project will raise curiosity about the North Calotte and Northern Lights Route with (tourism) companies, promote Arctic identity and make it more desirable to spend more time in the region. The stories will be made visible through Storybook, music production, short film production and oral storytelling.

This project – Our stories, the business of using storytelling to draw people in – is concentrating on story collection. The Story collection Road-trip is organised in February 2017. During the road-trip, the project team will pay a visit to Tornio, Pajala, Enontekiö/Hetta, Storslett and Ylläs/Äkäslompolo. Stories will be collected in various methods, for instance by interviews and literature review. Anyone can share his/her own story via Our Stories website. During 2017-2018 story-production will be implemented.

Furthermore, during this project, a Story design training will be developed to meet the needs of companies along the route, which consider storytelling to be a part of their marketing and branding procedures. Our Stories mobile app development will begin after that. The app will be covering Northern lights route from Tornio-Haparanda to Nordreisa. The idea is to use the newest technology, like mirror-beacons, on the app development.

Watch Our Stories -teaser.

Partner countries: 

Finland (Tornio), Sweden (Haparanda, Pajala) and Norway (Storslett, Nordreisa). The project consists of public and private organizations from creative sector.

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