Find Your Workplace in Lapland

Do you want to work in the Arctic, a place above ordinary?

Here you can find interesting job opportunities and amazing free time activities. In Lapland, you can either spice up or wind down your life. But are you adventurous enough to try out the life above the Arctic Circle?

If the answer is yes, then now’s the time to find your place in Lapland (it is vast and versatile!) and start building your perfect work-life balance. Just make a few choices and see which municipality is perfect for you!

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First, let’s start with work. What are you good at or would like to be?

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Now let’s move on to fun—to find the perfect balance in life.

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These are the places that offer suitable work and extraordinary free time according to your preferences. But machines are not perfect. So, dive in little deeper into the area descriptions and open jobs to find your dream place in Lapland!

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