A woman is standing and looking at the winter scenery with her husky dogs in Lapland. Background has a text "Get Wild" in big lettering.


Lapland’s pure Arctic nature and its resources are the foundation of a sustainable business environment and create a one-of-a-kind business culture. Innovations, that spark from extreme conditions and a communal and trusting atmosphere, make an efficient seedbed possible for bold investors and businesses. Lapland is a well-connected, stable and functional region that best delivers sustainable and reliable business opportunities.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's Pallas research station is at the top of Sammaltunturi fell in Muonio, Lapland

Lapland is full of sustainable business opportunities

Climate change and the green transition open up new sustainable business opportunities in Lapland, like renewable energy and carbon sinks. The Arctic area must be at the leading edge of the fight against climate change and innovate potential into reality. Four business experts and investors from abroad came to Lapland to explore the business potential. Read more about what possibilities were seen under the surface. READ MORE >>

Four travellers talking by the fire in Rovaniemi Lapland

Lapland can be the leading example in carbon-neutral business

Four business experts and investors joined the Lapland Expedition. The explorers were impressed and had a lot to say about Lapland’s business potential. Lapland has business and investment potential, for example, in renewable energy and carbon-neutral innovations. WATCH THE VIDEO AND READ MORE >>

Unique conditions spark innovation

Lapland’s Arctic conditions are unique compared to the rest of the globe. The Northern weather and surroundings create a one-of-a-kind environment that encourages new ways of thinking and approaching situations.

Nature teaches us how to plan and prepare for the future, explains Henri Toppala from BRP Finland.


Henri Toppala sitting on a snowmobile and wearing snowmobiling gear from Bombardien BPR
A man in outdoor gear is skiing on top of a fell in the winter

Sustainability from nature

People in Lapland have a great connection to nature because it surrounds them everywhere and is a part of everyday life. Relationship with nature helps to inspire and create sustainable solutions in business, too.

A Sami musician, writer and entrepreneur Ante Aikio tells how Arctic nature has inspired so much and opened many opportunities.


Cooperation rooted in culture

Finnish Lapland has a strong sense of cooperation which also manifests in the business environment. Honest collaboration and way of working together roots in the region’s culture and history.

Mika Riipi, County Governor at Regional Council of Lapland, thinks that businesses in the area see collaboration as a key to success.



A man with winter gear is skiing on top of a fell
Aksana Kurola, entrepreneur of Yoga Nature, with her husky dog

Courage opens new doors

Business requires courage and risk management. And the Lappish way of life and unpredictable nature teaches how to handle it all almost without even noticing it.

An entrepreneur and extreme sports enthusiast Aksana Kurola says that it takes courage to do things your own way.


Practical area promotes business

Lapland’s practical aspects support businesses and people: good accessibility, working connections, professional workforce and premium quality of life make locating into the area easy.

The Lappish workforce is very committed and people have long employments, explains Liisa Ansala, Managing Director of Lapland Chamber of Commerce.


Liisa Ansala Lapland Chamber of Commerce, in a big fluffy winter hat and scarf