Dare to be more creative, dare to seek bold and meaningful ideas. Do business that transforms the ordinary.

Lapland’s pure Arctic nature and its resources are the foundation of a sustainable business environment and create a one-of-a-kind business culture.

Innovations, that spark from extreme conditions and a communal and trusting atmosphere, make an efficient seedbed possible for bold investors and businesses. Lapland is a well-connected, stable and functional region that best delivers sustainable and reliable business opportunities.

Unique conditions spark innovation

Lapland’s Arctic conditions are unique compared to the rest of the globe. The Northern weather and surroundings create a one-of-a-kind environment that encourages new ways of thinking and approaching situations.

The conditions give inspiration for innovative solutions, and they also provide sustainable growth in business operations.


Lapland's unique conditions spark innovations in business, says Henri Toppla, Bombardier Recreational Products
Explore the sustainable arctic business opportunities in Lapland

Sustainability from nature

People in Lapland have a great connection to nature because it surrounds them everywhere and is a part of everyday life. Relationship with nature helps to inspire and create sustainable solutions in business, too.

In Lapland, the ability to understand and value nature is in the region’s heritage and business culture.


Cooperation rooted in culture

Finnish Lapland has a strong sense of cooperation which also manifests in the business environment. Honest collaboration and way of working together roots in the region’s culture and history.

Sincerity and directness are valued qualities and make a good base for collaboration.



Cooperation is the key to succes in business says Mika Riipi from Regional Council of Lapland
Courage and risk management are part of profitable and sustainable business in Lapland

Courage opens new doors

Business requires courage and risk management. And the Lappish way of life and unpredictable nature teaches how to handle it all almost without even noticing it.

Lapland has an environment where bold decisions bear fruitful outcomes.



Practical area promotes business

Lapland’s practical aspects support businesses and people: good accessibility, working connections, professional workforce and premium quality of life make locating into the area easy.

Lapland warmly welcomes new entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to the region.


Liisa Ansala Lapland Chamber of Commerce