If you are looking for an Arctic filming location, whether it’s cozy cityscapes among hilly forests, vast taiga forests or stark fells amidst tundra-like surroundings, Lapland has you covered. Our location collection is here to offer you a look at our top filming locations, the most wanted location features, and the best areas for filming.

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Top Filming Locations

Lapland offers a versatile selection of locations to choose from. Here is our listing of the top locations in the area, along with key information such as weather statistics, travel information and nearby services.

Location Features

The Midnight Sun, the Northern Lights, roads, buildings and northern culture – take a look at our photo gallery and see which Arctic location features would best suit your production.

Best Areas for Filming

The cities and municipalities of Lapland offer high-quality services combined with easy access to the Arctic wilderness.

  • Kemi

    Seaside city Kemi boasts an archipelago nat'l park, harbor, heavy industry, & retro & historical wooden buildings.

  • Keminmaa

    In the heart of Sea Lapland, Keminmaa offers photogenic gems like the Kivalot hill ridge and distinct retro buildings.

  • Rovaniemi

    Rovaniemi offers convenience & comfort, with an int'l airport, nearby wilderness and many production & support services.

  • Enontekiö

    Enontekiö's film locations include Finland's only mountains, sparse & untouched tundra-like vistas & rich Arctic culture.

  • Inari

    Inari filming locations combine an international airport with the wilderness of the largest national parks & Lake Inari.

  • Pelkosenniemi

    Pelkosenniemi filming locations include rural villages, the Pyhä Ski Resort, & the stunning Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

  • Kittilä

    Kittilä filming locations include the popular Levi ski resort, Pallas-Yllästunturi Nat'l Park & an international airport.

  • Kolari

    Kolari offers the largest ski resort in Finland, easy access to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park & the Tornio River.