A road runs through Kilpisjärvi, Finland. Learn more about Finnish Lapland.
Photo by: Mikael Kunnari

About Lapland for Filmmakers

Filmmakers want to know all about Finnish Lapland, so here’s info on Arctic wilderness, 4 distinct seasons, & stunning light conditions like auroras, Midnight Sun & Polar Night.

Finnish Lapland is well-known as the home of Northern Lights and the last wilderness in Europe. But what does that mean for filmmakers? Here we’ve put together some inspiration and information to help you see why Lapland is perfect for your next Arctic production.


Our most attractive feature as a film location is our wilderness. Easily accessed via a well-maintained network of roads and highways, our wilderness includes Arctic fells and Scandinavian mountains, taiga forests and bald tundra hills, rushing rivers and placid lakes.


Snow cover for 200 days a year, a Midnight Sun that doesn’t set from May to August, vibrant autumn colors … if you’re looking for a unique film location where every season is cinematic, look no further.


Our distinct and stunning quality of light attracts filmmakers from all the world. In summer, we have a golden hour that lasts all night. Autumn nights are lit up with dancing skyfire. And winter packs a one-two punch of Polar Night and blinding snowshine.


Speaking of auroras …


There are plenty of reasons to consider Finnish Lapland as a filming location. Here are just a few.