Filming Ailo's Journey in Lapland, Finland

Filming in Finnish Lapland

Filming in Lapland is convenient & rewarding, whether it’s deep snow cover or an idyllic summer village. Don’t take our word for it; check out our production & location references.

Filming in Lapland, whether you’re thigh-deep in snow or basking in the glow of the Midnight Sun has never been more convenient or rewarding. Our distinct seasons with their unique light and weather conditions have drawn filmmakers and productions from around the world.

Winter in your Lens

Our winters are deep and complex. The first snows come in late September and don’t melt away until May. The heart of winter glows with Polar Night, the skies light up every other night with Northern Lights, and winter fades into a blinding spring with deep snow cover across the North. Learn more about filming in Lapland in winter.


Filming in Lapland in summer is a breeze. Temperatures are mild, the wilderness comes to life, and of course, the Midnight Sun. The Nightless Night begins in mid-May and doesn’t end until mid-August, effectively offering 24-hour days for months on end. Autumn brings back the Northern Lights and paints the landscape crimson and gold.

Production References

Of course, we think Lapland is the perfect film location. But don’t take our word for it; productions large and small travel here all-year round to capture the sunlight through the trees, the drama of the blue moment, and the unique northern Finland ambiance.

Location References

Over the years, we’ve invited location scouts, managers, and filmmakers to discover our Arctic offerings. Through contests, fam trips and special invitation, we’ve shown the best in the business the best of Lapland.


From commercials and viral videos to blockbuster films, filmmakers love Lapland. Below you’ll find recent productions, as well as a comprehensive list of past productions.

Je'vida film trailer thumbnail
film Je'vida
By Director Katja Gauriloff | Oktober
Year 2021
Ski Girls, a raunchy comedy filmed in Finnish Lapland
film Ski Girls
By Director Marja Pyykkö | Kaiho Republic
Year 2023
Poromafia, a crime drama television show filmed in Finnish Lapland
tv Poromafia
By Kaiho Republic
Year 2023
Sisu, filmed in Finnish Lapand
film Sisu
By Director Jalmari Helander | Subzero Film Entertainment, Good Chaos
Year 2022
The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy
tv The Reluctant Traveler
By Apple TV+
Year 2022
The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals
tv The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals
By Netflix
Year 2021


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