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Industries in Lapland

Lapland is a multisectoral region where businesses from tourism, bioeconomy, industry to arctic research all fit in and prosper. Both larger and smaller companies and investors find efficient networks and true partners in the North.

Lapland is a pacemaker in tourism and a well-known brand internationally. The region has some of Finland’s biggest and most famous destinations and their growth offers many possibilities for new businesses and investors. Lapland has a strong foothold in the industrial sector and is an export region. Processing metals and wood are large export fields and there’s high-class know-how in the industrial circular economy. Lapland is a center point for mining and quarrying. Both industry and mining create demand and opportunities for numerous subcontracting businesses.

Big investments are being planned for Lapland’s bioeconomy sector which could become a-billion-euro trade. Other than big investments, smaller ones are making a profit too, for example, there’s a demand for pure natural products internationally. The North’s research and development is a diverse field from services to infrastructure. Lapland has rare expertise in cold climate testing and weather research. Lapland’s environment is excellent for creative industries which support bigger businesses in the region.

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The municipalities of Lapland offer profitable opportunities for innovative and bold companies and investors.

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