A row of pine trees in the forest.
Bioeconomy in Lapland creates sustainable growth potential
Photo by: Lapland materialbank, Arto Komulainen


Lapland has abundantly renewable raw materials for bioeconomy and top-tier know-how in the refinement of those materials. In Lapland, economic growth is not based on the wasteful use of natural resources but on sustainability and circular economy.

The forest sector is the biggest and the most apparent field in Lapland and other bioeconomy industries are also growing and developing the same. According to estimates from experts, Lapland’s sustainable bioeconomy could become a billion-class business in the future.  The large investments in the bioindustry will lead the whole business ecosystem to growth.

The bioeconomy in Lapland is more than just forestry and forest industry. The pure raw materials from the Arctic environment provide opportunities for refining natural products and provisions.

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