Forests and bioeconomy in Lapland have sustainable potential for new business and investment
Steady & sustainable growth from forests – bioeconomy in Lapland has significant potential
Photo by: Arto Komulainen

Forestry is Lapland’s second-biggest industry sector, and the bioeconomy has significant growth potential in the province.

The vast and well-managed forest resources of Lapland are a significant raw material source for both traditional forestry and bioeconomy. Bioeconomy uses renewable resources and utilizes byproduct flows and recycling. Pulp mills with state-of-the-art technology become versatile bioproduct mills, and the renewable energy generated by their processes is also exploited. Large investments have been planned for the sector, and a significant bioindustry ecosystem with new business opportunities is emerging in Lapland.

Investment in Lapland’s bio- and circular economy is an investment in the future!