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Dare to be more creative, dare to seek for bold and meaningful ideas. Do business that transforms the ordinary.

Lapland’s pure Arctic nature and its resources are the foundation of a sustainable business environment and create a one-of-a-kind business culture.

Innovations that spark from extreme conditions and communal and trusting atmosphere makes an efficient seedbed possible for bold investors and businesses. Lapland is a well-connected, stable and functional region that best delivers sustainable and reliable business opportunities.

Check out five reasons to do business and invest in Lapland and delve in deeper below.

Outdoor and slope investments improve tourism infrastructure in Lapland
Metsähallitus invests in outdoor and recreational areas in Lapland's national parks. Also, slope infrastructure investments are happening in Ylläs and Pyhä.
Travel trends support Lapland’s tourism but recovery will take time
International tourism is believed to show the first signs of recovery in Europe from July onwards
Great potential in Lapland’s natural products – Arctic Warriors bravely buds up
Businesses get support if necessary at a low threshold in Lapland.
Aurora Powertrains' innovation was created in the Arctic conditions of Lapland
The eco-friendly and quiet electric snowmobile was developed and designed in Rovaniemi especially for safari operations.
Billion-euro forest industry investments in Lapland lead the sector
Major investments make sure that the forest industry will continue to spearhead Lapland's bioeconomy in the future.
New hotel investment boldly responds to Enontekiö’s tourism potential
The hotel-service entity is an investment of approximately four million euros.
Unique innovative log product from Lapland responds to growing wood construction trend
Pellopuu invests in new innovative production.
Perseverance Lapland-style – Norrhydro is a shining example of the industrial expertise of the North
There are notable industrial companies and extensive expertise to be found in Lapland.
Lapland’s Arctic driving conditions are soon available for virtual testing
Research and development related to autonomous traffic are promoted in active cooperation.