Making of Arctic Circle, season 2, in Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Arctic Circle | Anssi Jokiranta
Filming Master Cheng in Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Jouko Piipponen, Courtesy of Master Cheng

Plan Your Production

Here you’ll find all the info you need to plan your production in lapland: funding, rebates, traveling, film permits, drones, cast & crew, as well as environmental sustainability.

A good plan can mean the difference between an award-winning production and an unmitigated disaster. So here you’ll find information and details on Finland, funding options, film permits and Lapland logistics as well as sustainability.

Lapland Logistics

Planning a production, whether it’s a commercial or a blockbuster film, always goes smoother when you have the information and resources you need. We’ve gathered details on travel, film permits, drone regulations, cast and crew info to make your production run as smoothly as possible.


Finland has a national 25% cash rebate on productions, as well as other sources of funding. Here’s more info on the rebate, as well as options from Finland and Europe for your Arctic production.


Sustainable productions and culturally sensitive depictions don’t just appear from thin air; they require intention, decisions and concrete actions. Below you’ll find articles on filming Sámi (one of Europe’s indigenous peooples), sustainability, our Production Guide and Code of Conduct, as well as other useful info.