Map of Finnish Lapland for travelers, including airports and major highways

Where, what and how in Lapland?

Lapland is the size of Portugal but only has about 180,000 people. Destinations range from bustling cities and towns to small villages, including several ski and activity resorts.

Getting here is always easy, whether you fly directly to one of our six airports or come via Helsinki. Our well-maintained roads and highways ensure that even the most remote areas are easy to reach.

Accommodation options include luxury aurora viewing suites and world-class hotels to cozy cottages and holiday resorts.

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Destinations - Where do you want to go?

Southern Lapland has snowy forests twisted into fanciful shapes due to unique weather conditions . Northern Lapland is home to our only true mountains, the gateway to the tundra. Western Lapland is full of wild adventures and distinct cultures. Eastern Lapland is home to epic forests. And that’s just the start. Choose your destination below for more information on the towns, villages and resorts of Finnish Lapland.

Inari-Saariselkä - Explore Authentic Lapland
Travelers experience the mystery of Lapland culture amidst the beauty and awe of sweeping Arctic landscapes.
Kemijärvi & Suomu - Happy Lakeside Villages
Kemijärvi features a wonderful collection of idyllic villages, rich with history, and boundless nature.
Posio - Find Your Rhythm
Posio has Lapland's most iconic fells, epic vistas and snowy forests: an endless supply of artistic inspiration.
Pyhä & Luosto – Authentic Adventures in Idyllic Lapland
Experience it all, from the peaceful village of Luosto, across the fells of a national park, to the bustling resort of Pyhä.
Rovaniemi - Capital of Finnish Lapland & Hometown of Santa Claus
Rovaniemi is the perfect destination for families & children, but it also features romantic vistas, wilderness & authentic culture.
Ranua - Home of Finland's Polar Bears
We welcome you to join our genuine way of life and meet the locals while experiencing great service all around town!
Salla - In the Middle of Nowhere
The peace and silence of mother nature waits at your doorstep, as 90% of Salla is uninhabited.
Savukoski & Korvatunturi – Santa’s Best Kept Secret
You might not see any elves, but you'll find plenty of authentic Arctic wilderness in Savukoski & Korvatunturi, Santa's best kept secret.
Ruka & Kuusamo - Follow the Coordinates of Snow & Nature
With the most snow in all of Finland, Ruka & Kuusamo are true winter wonderlands, full of fluffy snow and excitement. 
Sodankylä & Sompio - Call of the Living Backwoods
From rocky fells to the Midnight Sun Film Festival, Sodankylä & Sompio offer unforgettable sights and memories.
Utsjoki - Slow Down
Quiet bundle of Sámi villages amid Arctic wilderness is the perfect place to explore the beauty and culture of Lapland.