Taking husky dogs for a ride across the open snow; just one of the ways of working in Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Inka Salmirinne

Working in Finnish Lapland

Looking for work in Finnish Lapland or just a shake-up in your work-life balance? Here we’ve gathered reasons why Lapland works for you, & tips to help you land your dream job.

Whether you’re looking for a change of pace or a life-changing experience, working in Lapland is a great way to shake things up (or calm things down.) Municipalities across Lapland are looking for nurses, tour guides, engineers and baristas, and everything in between. The best way to get started is with our fun Find Your Workplace in Lapland page. Check it out!

8 Reasons to Work in Finnish Lapland

Looking for reasons to pack up and head north? We’ve put together some of our favorite things about living and working in Finnish Lapland.


Working the busy season in Lapland is a great way to experience the winter in depth and understand Lapland on a deeper level. Here are some tips, FAQs and reasons you should consider Lapland for your next winter job.


Looking for a leg up on the competition when applying to jobs in Lapland? Here are tips to help you land the job of your dreams!

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