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Finnish Lapland is pristine natural beauty and untouched wilderness. As the most connected wilderness in the Arctic, Lapland has high-quality services and a well-maintained transport network. A plethora of landscapes, diversity of seasons and unique light conditions make Lapland stand out as a filming location.

Film Lapland (Finnish Lapland Film Commission) and the Film Friendly service providers network are more than happy to help bring your production above ordinary. We will help you find the ideal locations, service providers and crew members for your production. Film Lapland is here to make your experience in Finnish Lapland efficient, easy and enjoyable.

Get Inspired
With unending winter snowscapes and wild green forests, Lapland offers a wide variety of natural beauty for your production.
Finland's competitive film rebate and production incentives ensure low costs without sacrificing quality.
Film Lapland Code of Conduct & Production Guide
We cover best practices when filming wilderness locations or downtown, culture, support & production services and more.
Seasons & Weather in Lapland
Weather in Lapland is milder than other areas in the same latitudes. Conditions vary to a large extent across Lapland.
Filming Locations in Lapland
If you are looking for an Arctic filming location, whether it’s cozy cityscapes among hilly forests, vast taiga forests or the stark fells of the tundra, Lapland has you covered.
Support Services
The Film Friendly network covers a wide variety of service providers to cover every aspect of your production in Lapland.
Everyman's Right & Film Permits
Capture the Arctic wildernesses without red tape. If needed, we can also help in the process of getting film permits.
About Us
We promote Lapland's filming locations, production and support services and develop local AV and production service businesses.
How to Travel to Lapland
Despite its size, operating in Lapland is effortless thanks to the wide transportation, service and cellular networks.
Filmed in Lapland
A selection of productions filmed completely or partially in Lapland.
Unique Light Conditions
Lapland is mostly located above the Arctic Circle, giving daylight a unique, distinctive tone all year long.
Accessible Wilderness Locations
Lapland has accessible wilderness locations, a wide-ranging road network and the Right to Roam, making filming here simple.


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