Filming on a snowy day in Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Flatlight Creative House

Production & Location References

The landscapes and locations of Finnish Lapland are spectacular and dramatic.

Sally Harvey, Senior VP of Productions, HBO

You simply never lose the light … it's definitely magical. The Magic Hour is like Magic Ten Hour.

Lori Balton, location scout

Easily the wildest part of Europe… and I think one of the easiest places to make look beautiful on camera.

Gordon Buchanan, wildlife filmmaker

Lapland is wild. Magical. Beautiful. But don’t take our word for it. Here are references from film professionals from all over the world on Lapland’s unique qualities.

Production References

Critical Point - Filming with Arctic Cooperation
In northern Finland, Critical Point found the right conditions for their story of a hopeful teen Somali-Finn ski jumper.
Sisu - Helander returns to film Lapland action
Helander chose northern Lapland for his WWII action film about a ex-Finnish soldier battling Nazis over stolen gold.
A Boy Called Christmas - Finding Christmas Magic in Lapland
Director Gil Kenan chose the snowy vistas of Lapland to capture the scope & scale of his film, A Boy Called Christmas.
Huonot naiset – Laughter in Lapland
Director Niklas Lindgren’s first feature, Huonot naiset, is a Finnish wedding comedy filmed in Lapland in spring 2021.
Master Cheng – Chinese Superstars, Finnish Auteur & Arctic Fells
The script called for a retro-looking building set in a small village. Director Kaurismäki’s first choice was Lapland.
A Reindeer's Journey – Filming in Finnish Lapland
A Reindeer's Journey, a feature film by Guillaume Maidatchevsky, follows a reindeer's 1st migration across the wilderness.
Arctic Circle – Blood & Snow in Finnish Lapland
Learn more about the cooperation & dramatic Lapland landscapes that made crime thriller series Arctic Circle possible.
Gordon Buchanan Comes to Finland for Reality Show
Gordon Buchanan came to Lapland to film Reindeer Family & Me, about the Sámi people & their special bond with reindeer. 
War – Bollywood Blockbuster in Lapland
Yash Raj Films staged an exciting car chase across a frozen lake in Finnish Lapland for their Bollywood action movie War.
I Remember – Chinese-Finnish Production in Lapland
I Remember, a Chinese-Finnish production by Gravity, Amazing Box and Oktober, filmed in Finnish Lapland in winter 2020.
Aurora – The Rough Side of an Arctic City
Miia Tervo's dark rom-com Aurora shows our grittier side, as our landscapes & locals charmed & impressed the cast & crew.
Keeping Up with the Kardashians – Filming in in Finnish Lapland
KUWTK captured winter magic for their reality series, falling in love with the scenery & support & production services.
The Fast & the Flurrious - Racing on Ice Tracks in Lapland
Motor Trends and Range Rover crafted an exciting race between two world-famous racecar drivers on Lapland's frozen tracks.
Le Plein de Sensations – Filming a Travel Show in Lapland
With our beneficial & free services, French travel show Le Plein de Sensations filmed in Lapland locations in April 2017.
Arctic Circle, Season 2 – Pandemic Prophecy
The popular Nordic crime thriller series Arctic Circle filmed its 2nd season in Finnish Lapland.
Snow Flower – Romance Under the Auroras
Snow Flower, a Japanese production, benefited from our near-zero light pollution, frequent auroras & vast Arctic vistas.
The Last Ones - Northern Western Filmed in Lapland
Veiko Õunpuu shot The Last Ones in Lapland. This northern "western" follows relationships in a small mining community.
Lapland Enchants ABC Reality Series the Bachelor
Bachelor Nick Viall & the women vying for his affection enjoyed auroras, pure snow & winter magic on location in Lapland.
Arctic Locations Perfect for Shell Helix Ultra Commercial
Shell Helix Ultra chose Arctic locations for the largest commercial shoot ever filmed in Finnish Lapland, and we delivered.
Getting Married – German Reality Production Captures Lapland Wedding
A German romance reality show filmed an amazing Finnish wedding & were amazed by our warmth, sun & production assistance.
Seeking the World – Chinese TV Crew Charmed by Arctic Filming Experience
With friendly people & breathtaking natural locations, Lapland utterly charmed Joe Ma & his Seeking the World TV crew.
Lapland is a Unique Filming Location
We are a unique filming location for any production. That's why Jarkko Hentula came back to film A Lapland Odyssey 2 & 3.

Location References