Romance on the Arctic Circle on The Bachelor, Season 21
Photo by: ABC | Terhi Tuovinen
A helicopter on the snow during production of Bachelor season 21 in Lapland

Lapland Enchants ABC Reality Series the Bachelor

In season 21, episode 9, The Bachelor Nick Viall and the women vying for his affection enjoyed auroras, pure white snow and the magic of winter on location in Finnish Lapland.

In the northernmost episode ever shot for the reality show The Bachelor, Nick Viall and the beautiful women seeking to woo him flew to the winter wonderland of Finnish Lapland. Specifically, they visited Inari-Saariselkä, located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in winter 2016. The landscapes and experiences in Lapland were a perfect complement to the romantic atmosphere of the show.

The article continues after these crew interviews:

From the production of Bachelor season 21 finale

It was a true joy to witness how much effort and attention to detail goes into making The Bachelor. We were also very happy to be able to fulfill the needs and wishes presented to us by the production staff. It was a good reminder for us Lapland residents to see just how beautiful and special The Bachelor’s team considered our landscapes, activities and the light during the Polar Night. We can’t wait to see the scenes shot in Lapland on TV, says Teija-Liisa Paananen of the Finnish Lapland Film Commission.

Finnish Lapland offers the most accessible wilderness locations in the Arctic region, which presents a different kind of natural beauty every season.

—Lapland offers a diverse range of filming locations for a variety of needs: the fells, the enchanting fairy tale forests and the unique pallet of colors are all within reach, Teija-Liisa Paananen describes.

A helicopter on the snow during production of Bachelor season 21 in Lapland

Local Knowledge

–Absolutely, this was the biggest thing we’ve done.

That’s how Maria Gullsten, producer at Flatlight Creative House, sums up the company’s involvement with filming The Bachelor, the US reality TV show. Flatlight, together with Lapland Safaris and Lapland Hotels, provided local services for filming that took place in November 2016 in the Saariselkä and Rovaniemi areas. 

Flatlight is the biggest and best-known production company in the region, sourcing all of their lighting needs and labor from Helsinki-based Valofirma.  

Lapland offers a range of assets for filmmakers of all kinds in addition to the experienced and versatile human resources. Those assets include spectacular landscapes and exotic extremes of light and climate, as well as the kind of cozy and romantic locations appropriate for a love-interest reality TV show. It was also an advantage that the local populace is accustomed to the sight of film crews making feature films, commercials and promotions on the fells and in the streets of Lapland towns.

Johanna was one of a team of drivers provided by Lapland Safaris who ferried personnel between locations.

– It helps that we know the terrain, the small tracks and roads and locations. We do this kind of thing every day, although this was on an especially big scale.

Confidentiality was also ensured by means of accommodating the entire visiting crew at the Lapland Hotels properties, namely the Riekonlinna Hotel in Saariselkä and the Bear’s Lodge, handily hidden out on the edge of the wilderness near the Arctic Circle. Of course, Finns are pretty good at keeping secrets, so this wasn’t the biggest challenge.


On ABC’s hit primetime reality series The Bachelor, one lucky man is offered the chance to find true love. A single and eligible Bachelor embarks on a romantic journey, getting to know a number of beautiful women, gradually narrowing the field as he continues his search for his soulmate. At the end of this romantic voyage, if he has found the one, will there be a proposal—and will she say yes? Hosted by Chris Harrison, The Bachelor is produced by Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television.

The Lapland episode of The Bachelor aired February 27, 2017, at 8/7c, on ABC.