Cool vibes and cool forests, just one of the many reasons to visit Finnish Lapland in the snow-free and summer seasons.
Discover Arctic Magic
Photo by: Harri Tarvainen

Are you ready to explore Finnish Lapland?

Welcome to the official travel website for Finnish Lapland, the home of Santa Claus, the last wilderness in Europe, and part of the Sámi homeland. Lapland is a destination above ordinary, full of contrasts and unique natural phenomena: Midnight Sun, Polar Nights, autumn colors, Northern Lights, and Arctic cites nestled among Ice Age fells.

Virtual Lapland is your gateway to an Arctic experience unlike any other. Explore Finnish Lapland anywhere, anytime, watch a dazzling Northern Lights show, explore how the seasons and wilderness intertwine and meet the wildlife of the North!

If you’re looking for the frosty bite of a reindeer sleigh ride or the soft heat of a traditional sauna, you might be ready. If you want to explore the wilderness during a white summer night and meet Santa any time of year, you might be ready.

If you’re done with the ordinary, you might just be ready for Finnish Lapland.

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