Making of Lapland Odyssey (Naparpiirin Sankarit), filmed in Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Yellow Film & TV

Lapland is a Unique Filming Location

Finnish Lapland is a unique filming location for any production. That’s why producer Jarkko Hentula came back again and again to film the comedy franchise A Lapland Odyssey.

Lapland has served as the filming location for three Lapland Odyssey films so far. The first part of the Lapland Odyssey trilogy was filmed in 2009–2010, while the second and third films were shot in 2014 and the late summer of 2016, respectively.

Check out the trailer for the first film.

—Lapland is a very photogenic location. What’s more, Lapland is also a mythical and somewhat special place for Finns, which is why it makes for such a great setting for these kinds of comedic adventure films, says Jarkko Hentula, the producer of Lapland Odyssey 3 from Yellow Film & TV.

Lapland has a long history as a travel destination, which has led to the development of an exceedingly wide range of support services, ranging from accommodation to car rental. Lapland’s attractiveness as a filming location is further increased by its distinctive natural environment, which presents plenty of possibilities for film production.

—Lapland is a wholly unique filming location, owing to its environment and lighting, in addition to which the area has appropriate services to support film production,” says Hentula.

Lapland Odyssey 3 was filmed in the late summer of 2016, primarily in Fell Lapland. The film was produced by Jarkko Hentula and directed by Tiina Lymi for the production company Yellow Film & TV.

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