Things to Do

You know Finnish Lapland is a winter wonderland and a summer sojourner’s dream. Whether you prefer sipping cocoa slopeside or trekking across untouched terrain, there’s something for everyone in Finnish Lapland. Here we’ve put together some of your possible adventures and unforgettable experiences.


Lapland is second to none when it comes to adventures you'll never forget. Under the Midnight Sun, you'll never run out of options for exploring, discovering and enjoying the wilderness. When the year gets cold and dark, Lapland is a winter wonderland, full of snowshoes, snowmobiles and snowmen. And in between, there's the hunt for the first Northern Lights of the year, and so much more!

Slow Travel & You

You're not a Siberian jay; there's no need to flit from one thing to another. Slow travel is all about appreciating the beauty of Arctic nature, soaking in the northern culture, and experiencing Finnish Lapland the way you should.