Best Areas for Filming

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  • Enontekiö

    Enontekiö's film locations include Finland's only mountains, sparse & untouched tundra-like vistas & rich Arctic culture.

  • Inari

    Inari filming locations combine an international airport with the wilderness of the largest national parks & Lake Inari.

  • Kemi

    Seaside city Kemi boasts an archipelago nat'l park, harbor, heavy industry, & retro & historical wooden buildings.

  • Kemijärvi

    Kemijärvi combines city & villages with a huge lake & hilly wilderness. Production services are in nearby Rovaniemi.

  • Keminmaa

    In the heart of Sea Lapland, Keminmaa offers photogenic gems like the Kivalot hill ridge and distinct retro buildings.

  • Kittilä

    Kittilä filming locations include the popular Levi ski resort, Pallas-Yllästunturi Nat'l Park & an international airport.

  • Kolari

    Kolari offers the largest ski resort in Finland, easy access to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park & the Tornio River.

  • Muonio

    Muonio's film locations combine accessible Arctic wilderness, a nearby airport & Finland's biggest travel activity firms.

  • Pelkosenniemi

    Pelkosenniemi filming locations include rural villages, the Pyhä Ski Resort, & the stunning Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

  • Pello

    Pello is a municipality that sits on the border between Finland and Sweden.

  • Posio

    Posio filming locations include Riisitunturi Nat'l Park's snow sculptures, frozen waterfalls & Lapland's own 'Riviera'.

  • Ranua

    Ranua film locations include vast cloudberry bogs, large lakes & the Ranua Zoo, home to Finland's only polar bear.

  • Rovaniemi

    Rovaniemi offers convenience & comfort, with an int'l airport, nearby wilderness and many production & support services.

  • Salla

    Salla offers vast unpopulated wilderness: forests, bogs & fells, and the accommodation and activities of a tourism area.

  • Sodankylä

    Sodankylä's film locations offer iconic red fells, a retro downtown, the stony Pyhä-Luosto Nat'l Park & Luosto Ski Resort.

  • Savukoski

    Savukoski film locations include Finland's least-populated wilderness, UKK National Park & the iconic Korvatunturi Fell.

  • Simo

    Simo is a municipality in southwestern Lapland, just south of Kemi, about 50 km from the Swedish border.

  • Tervola

    Tervola is a municipality along the Kemijoki river about halfway between the cities of Rovaniemi and Kemi.

  • Tornio

    Tornio is a city and municipality on the border between Sweden and Finland. It sits atop the Bothnian Bay like a knitted cap.

  • Utsjoki

    Utsjoki's film locations offer vast & stark tundra-like wilderness, Finland's largest Sámi population & the Teno River.

  • Ylitornio

    Ylitornio is a municipality in southwestern Lapland, on the border with Sweden. There is a bridge that crosses the Tornio River.