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Filming location ski resort Levi in the hills of Kittilä, Finland in winter
Photo by: Visit Levi, PTB Creative, Teemu Moisio
Santa' Cabin film location in Levi in Kittilä, Finland
Photo by: Vastavalo, Tarmo Heinänen | LOCATION: Levi
Reindeer & snow-crowned trees in Kittilä, Finland in winter
Photo by: Marko Junttila | LOCATION: Levi
Historic buildings in the countryside in film location Kittilä, Finland
Photo by: Hullu Poro
Snow-covered trees in Kittilä, Finland in winter
Photo by: Marko Junttila | LOCATION: Levi
Downtown in the Kittilä city center in Lapland, Finland
Photo by: Lapland Material Bank
Elves' Hideaway Village in summer in Kittilä, Finland
Photo by: Hullu Poro
Countryside in summer in Kaukonen in Kittilä, Finland
Photo by: Kirsikka Paakkinen | LOCATION: Kaukonen
A misty lake in Kittilä, Finland in summer
Photo by: Mikko-Pekka Karlin

Kittilä: Filming Lapland's Hills

Kittilä sits at the southern end of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, renowned for the Seven Sisters fells. This municipality features Levi, Finland’s most popular ski resort, as well as a working gold mine, several idyllic villages, and an international airport.

Kittilä coat of arms

Population: 6400
Land area: 8100 km²
Water area:  170 km²

Kittilä at a glance

  • Levi Ski Resort, the most popular in Finland
  • Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park
  • Idyllic villages
  • Thick pine & birch forests
  • Map of Kittilä

Features of Kittilä 

The fells of Lapland roll down through the northwestern arm through the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, giving rise to Finland’s largest concentration of ski resorts. The most popular ski resort, Levi, offers 43 pistes and 28 ski lifts. The resort village offers services, activities and accommodation year-round. The resort is also home to several world-class sporting events throughout the year, such as World Cup Levi for slalom skiing.

The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park encompasses the wilderness between Lake Ylläsjärvi (30 min by car from downtown Kittilä) to the town of Hetta (1 h 30 min). The park’s features include dramatic ravines, an 800m tall fell, an ancient volcano crater, bogs, and several lakes large and small. The greater Kittilä area includes fells not in the National Park. The wilderness is not confined to the national park, however, as pine and birch forest covers much of Kittilä.

The town of Kittilä is small, with wooden and brick buildings. As the town lies at the crux of Finnish highways 79 and 80, there are a number of grocery stores, gas stations and other basic amenities. There are several villages in the municipality. For example, Kaukonen (15 min) is an idyllic farming village south of Kittilä with a population of 350, wooden homes and buildings, all situated beside the Ounasjoki river. About 30 minutes north of town, there is an operating open-pit and underground gold mine.

Logistics in Kittilä

Perhaps the most convenient feature of Kittilä is the international airport, which serves European cities during the high season of winter, and offers direct flights through Helsinki year-round.

Accommodation can be found throughout the area, thanks to the abundance of ski resorts. Levi has more than 24,000 beds available during the high season, with options ranging from isolated cottages to holiday villages to luxury apartments and chalets in the middle of the resort.

Production and support services in the area include snow and ice driving tracks, activity and safari providers, reindeer and husky parks, and more. There is a well-known animal trainer based in Levi as well. As Finland’s most popular ski resort, Levi is a hub of activity providers, catering services, safari guides and more.

Visit the Kittilä municipal website and the Levi travel website for more information.

Filmed in Kittilä

Here are some productions that filmed in Kittilä. Click on the posters to view a trailer.

Top filming locations

  • Levi is a ski resort with 44 slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, 26 ski lifts and 230 kilometers' worth of cross-country skiing tracks.
  • If you're looking for a cozy, modern airport in the snow or under the Midnight Sun, this is your perfect film location.