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Enjoying the silence of the wilderness under Northern Lights in Muonio Lapland
Photo by: Eeva Mäkinen | Lapland Material Bank
Hotel Pallas in Muonio
Photo by: Mauri Mahlamäki | Vastavalo
Arctic forest in Muonio Lapland
Photo by: Jani Kärppä
Icy river
Old building in the countryside in Jerisjärvi Muonio, Lapland
Photo by: Jani Kärppä
Snow storm in the wilderness in Muonio Pallas, Lapland
Photo by: Jani Kärppä
Countryside in autumn in Muonio Lapland
Photo by: Antti Pietikäinen


Muonio lies on the banks of the river of the same name. This tributary to the Tornio River, Europe’s largest free-flowing river, forms part of the border between Finland and Sweden. In Muonio and the nearby Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, adventures are easy to come by. Muonio features a wide array of support services ready to make your production run as smoothly as possible.

Muonion kunnan vaakuna

Population: approx. 2500
Land area: 1905 km²
Water area: 134 km²

Muonio at a glance

  • Muonio River & dozens of lakes Finnish/Swedish border
  • Longest snow season in Finland
  • Two ski resorts
  • Seven nearby fells
  • Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park
  • Map of Muonio

Features of Muonio

Muonio sits in the heart of the river valley. A number of lakes are within walking distance of the town center. The fells of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park (15 min by car) rise gently in the near distance. In winter, the river and lakes freeze solid, allowing for skiing, snowmobiling, even travel by vehicle in some cases. The Pallas and Olos Ski Resorts are popular locations for winter activities. In summer, the river valley and the national park are favorites of fishermen and nature enthusiasts.

The town itself is small, with many homes and rural buildings, as well as a few shopping choices. Finland’s largest travel operators work in this area, so you’re never far from a ski resort, and production and support services in the area include scouting, catering, transportation–including snowmobile–reference material, logistics and more.

Logistics in Muonio

The Kittilä International Airport (1 h by car) offers daily flights to Helsinki, and during the peak season of winter and early spring, international flights from European cities. Vehicles can be rented from the airport.

Accommodation is plentiful throughout Muonio, its ski resorts and the nearby fells of the national park, due to its reputation and status as an outdoor and wilderness holiday destination.

Visit the travel website for Fell Lapland (which includes Muonio) for more information.

Top filming location

  • Muonio's extensive waterway locations include exciting river rapids with easy accessibility & nearby support services.