Eco tours Lapland
Photo by: Terhi Tuovinen

Eco Tours & Green Activities in Lapland

Looking for eco tours, responsible tour companies and Europe’s top-rated wilderness experiences? Finnish Lapland has safaris and activities tailored for the environmentally savvy.

Just being in Finnish Lapland is basically an eco-tour by itself. Because nature is always near, you don’t need to travel far from the airport, your hotel, or even downtown to enjoy the Arctic wilderness. The purest way of enjoying nature is also the most environmentally friendly.

You’ll also find many green choices when it comes to safari and activity providers. Our top-rated eco tour operators offer things like biofuels, electric snowmobiles, sustainable and energy-efficient routes, composting toilets, authentic local foods and products and more.

Here are some tour companies that offer adventures and experiences specifically created for the environmentally-minded traveler:

In Finnish Lapland, you can also ride eSleds, or electric snowmobiles. The electric motors of these snowmobiles do double duty for the environment—not only do they produce less carbon, the quiet motors disturb the natural soundscape (and all the creatures that live within it) much less than the ripping roar of gasoline-powered snowmobiles.

In the middle of the Ranua Wildlife Park, the trail diverges and encircles an outdoor art exhibit. Seven Steps to Save the Ocean by Maija Kovari hopes to inspire environmentalism and encourages everyone to take actions—large and small—against climate change everyday.

Adopt and adorn your very own hugging tree in Pappa’s forest with Halipuu in Levi.

In Salla, learn about reindeer, reindeer herding and wild Lapland at the Green Key-certified Salla Wildlife Park.

Sustainability art exhibit at Ranua Wildlife Park in Lapland, Finland
Sustainability art exhibit at Ranua Wildlife Park
Photo by: Marko Junttila | Visit Ranua
Reindeer at Salla Reindeer Park in Lapland, Finland
Salla Reindeer Park
Photo by: Salla Reindeer Park | Visit Salla

Here’s some other tour companies who offer eco tours and activities:

Green Ski Resorts

  • Levi Ski Resort
  • Pyhä Ski Resort
  • Ruka Ski Resort
Hiking in Finnish Lapland
Hiking with Lapland Safaris
Photo by: Lapland Hotels
Hetta Huskies in Enontekiö, Finland
A husky safari in Enontekiö with Hetta Huskies
Photo by: K. Chae | Visit Finland
Amethyst mine in Luosto, Lapland Finland
Entrance to the Amethyst Mine in Luosto
Photo by: Pyhä-Luosto
Hiking Halti fell with Adventure by Design, in Finnish Lapland
Hiking Halti fell in Kilpisjärvi with Adventure by Design
Photo by: Adventure by Design
Santa Claus and huskies from Bearhill Husky in a rowboat in Rovaniemi, Finland
Santa and some of Bearhill Husky's finest pups
Photo by: Visit Rovaniemi
In the forest in Rovaniemi, Finland
Photography tour with Beyond Arctic
Photo by: Visit Rovaniemi
Cross-country skiing in Pyhä, Finland
Cross-country skiing at the Pyhä Ski Resort
Photo by: Pyhä-Luosto
Chair lifts at the Ruka Ski Resort in Finnish Lapland
Ruka Ski Resort
Photo by: Veera Vihevaara | Ruka-Kuusamo

National Parks & Protected Areas

Lemmenjoki National Park is the largest in Finland, and one of the largest in all of Europe. And it’s only one of the dozens of national parks, wilderness areas and strict nature reserves in Lapland. In these protected areas, with varying degrees of freedom, anyone can walk, bike, ski, swim or boat. There are trails, picnic areas, cabins, firepits and more, all controlled and available for sustainable public use. Lapland’s protected areas are managed by Metsähallitus (Forest Administration), and they keep Europe’s only wilderness wild, clean and available for all.

Learn more about Finland’s national parks and protected areas.

Hiking in Lemmenjoki National Park, the largest in Finland
Photo by: Rayann Elzein | Metsähallitus
Hiking in Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland's largest national park

Looking for some green accommodation to go with your eco-friendly activities?