The old church in Keminmaa, a nature retreat destination in Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Terhi Tuovinen

Keminmaa - Discover Lapland Tranquility

Explore Lapland’s serene gem, offering scenic hikes, cultural richness, and winter wonderland. Near Bothnian Bay, Keminmaa is a hidden haven of tranquility.

Nestled in the serene embrace of Finnish Lapland, Keminmaa beckons with its enchanting blend of natural beauty and cultural allure. Embark on scenic hikes through the Kemi river valley, where lush forests and pristine lakes paint a mesmerizing picture of tranquility. In winter, the landscape transforms into a snowy paradise, inviting visitors to explore cross-country skiing trails and embrace the winter wonderland. Delve into the rich cultural tapestry at the local history museum or find solace in village church, echoing stories of the region’s past. Situated near the Bothnian Bay, this hidden gem invites you to unwind in the lap of Lapland’s untouched splendor.

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