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Sustainable tourism business grows

Tourism industry

Lapland is on the cutting edge on tourism development. The North is known as a sustainable and responsible destination where enchanting nature surrounds the traveller. Lapland is an easily accessible wilderness which offers one-of-a-kind experiences in the arctic nature.

Lapland is an internationally known brand, and a tremendous amount of the industry’s growth has come from the international market, such as Central Europe and Asia. In 2019, there were over three million registered overnight stays, of which over half came from an international customer base.

 Finland, and Lapland especially, has been one of the safest regions during the Covid-19 pandemic. As the tourism industry starts to recover, Lapland warmly welcomes travellers back. Health security is of utmost importance. Lapland has several ongoing investments, as there is trust in the region for bouncing back from the pandemic.

Lapland’s investments in year-round development and sustainability offer opportunities for new bold entrepreneurs and investors to become a part of a strong and well-functioning business network. The greatest growth potential lies in high-quality accommodation and the program services sector.

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Solutions & success stories

Have a look at some examples from Lapland

Lapland filled with unique cultural events
The events industry is an important tool in the development of year-round tourism in Lapland.
Resort Guossi develops its operations in Utsjoki
The tundra, River Tenojoki and the Norwegian border attract tourism in Karigasniemi.
Salla National Park increases investments and the municipality’s vitality
Now is the right moment to invest in Salla, says Mayor Erkki Parkkinen.
Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos grows sustainably in business-friendly Ranua
The owner praises the business environment in Ranua, Lapland, and the enthusiasm for the development of tourism.
New Hotel Investment Responds to Arctic Potential
The hotel-service entity is an investment of approximately four million euros.
Holiday Village Valle innovates and brings tradition to the modern day in Utsjoki
The company develops new accommodation experience inspired by traditional peat huts.
On responsibility in Lapland tourism: ”A competitive advantage"
Four major companies in tourism share their views on sustainability.
Travel trends support Lapland’s tourism but recovery will take time
International tourism is believed to show the first signs of recovery in Europe from July onwards.
Outdoor and slope investments improve tourism infrastructure in Lapland
Metsähallitus invests in outdoor and recreational areas in Lapland's national parks. Also, slope infrastructure investments are happening in Ylläs and Pyhä.
Finns are enticed into Harriniva with reformed services and impressive campaigning
Resilience shows in the local entrepreneurs' actions.
Pyhätunturi grows rapidly without forgetting about sustainable development
Investments at Pyhä Ski Resort add accommodation capacity and access to slopes.
Star Arctic Hotel rose to the peak of the fell in cooperation at Saariselkä
Saariselkä is one of Lapland's most attractive destinations.

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