Infographic: 10 Facts about winter tourism in Lapland 2021–2022

Lapland’s international tourism picked up in the winter. While the winter of 2020–2021 brought almost no international travelers to Lapland due to restrictions, between November 2021 and April 2022 a total of about 2 million registered overnight stays were registered in Lapland, of which about 1.1 million were registered as international tourists. This means that registered overnight stays are split 45% for domestic and 55% for international travelers.

Infographic about winter tourism 2021–2022

Of the overnight stays registered in Finland, Lapland’s market share was 22.5%. Accommodation sales were approximately EUR 143.4 million.

The length of stay has increased for both domestic and foreign tourists. The average duration of the trip was 3.25 days. The average duration of the trip in the period 2019–2020 was 2.9 days.

Changes in the international markets show how the European market is recovering faster than other markets previously important to Lapland. Of the international overnight stays, the British have the largest market share, but still less overnights were registered for Brits as in the winter season before the corona. The number of overnight stays registered for the French has increased significantly compared to the winter season 2019–2020, and the French were the second largest market based on registered overnight stays during winter 2021–2022.

The busiest month was December and the second busiest was March.

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